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Shop with us at Colab Kitchen
100 SE MLK Jr Blvd, Downtown Stuart

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Parris Island Romaine lettuce grows in a CoLab Farms aeroponics tower.
Heirloom tomatoes fresh from CoLab Farms

Our Promise

We’re committed to finding the most eco-friendly ways to grow our produce. Our hydroponic methods give our produce a year-round growing season while reducing strain on the environment.  For plants that we believe thrive in South Florida’s tropical environment, like tubers, root vegetables and edible perennials, we use traditional soil. Our varieties of practices eliminate the need for chemical herbicides and pesticides.

Real Food Grown Clean

At Colab Farms, we grow food that’s healthy for our patrons and our Earth. We are dedicated to growing honest produce without chemical pesticides and practicing environmentally responsible growing techniques. We believe these methods add to the wellness of our bodies and our environment, creating something much more sustainable for our society and for our planet.

Rockwool squares with seedlings for a CoLab Farms aeroponics tower.
Aeroponics towers for farming

Real Food Grown Clean

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