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About Brooke Linn's Bees

Brooke Linn’s Bees was established in 2014 in the backyard of Allison's home in Tequesta, Florida. 

In 2014, Allison received the perfect Christmas gift from a thoughtful friend, since Allison's always been a nature lover. It was a complete hive setup including a shiny new beehive, suit and smoker. She calls it the most exciting gift she ever received. Now Brooke Linn's Bees calls CoLab Farms home.

As a general rule, we only work with Feral Florida Honeybees. We don’t purchase bees from breeders rather we preserve the honeybees already in our region by relocating and managing bees that may otherwise be destroyed, hence our mission: Preserve Florida Honeybees!

Our Bees

We acquire our precious insects by relocating unwanted honeybees to welcoming foster family homes and farming operations -- gently removing comb, bees and the queen from various structures, trees, sheds, homes, etc. 

Once in our apiaries, our bees live as naturally as possible. Free from pesticides, antibiotics or other treatments. “Treatment Free Honey” is best in our opinion.

Bee Removal

Bee removal is at times a difficult job. We are licensed, insured and avid participants in learning opportunities to further our knowledge and skills set. 

Unfortunately we are unable to give removal quotes over the phone but we do give free estimates and most times we will match or beat the price of a pest control company. 

Live relocation allows for our valuable pollinators to continue the work we sometimes take for granted.

Apiary Hosting

Have you considered having your own bees but you aren’t ready for the responsibility of caring for them on your own? Well, we can help. Because we do many honeybee relocations we are always accepting host family apiaries. 


We do all of the work; you simply provide an undisturbed space on your property and a commitment to refrain from spraying pesticides. If you desire to learn our craft, we can provide protective equipment for you to participate along side of us, learning at a comfortable pace. And of course there is honey involved!


Contact Brooke Linn's Bees


PHONE: 561-262-5113

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