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Microgreens, Big Nutrients

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Boy do we love our microgreens here at CoLab Farms. Some common questions we get from customers at our weekly farm stands is usually “What the heck are these?” and “What do I do with them?” Well, we’re glad you asked! Here’s some more info that will hopefully demystify microgreens.

First things first, what are they? The USDA defines microgreens as a marketing term used to describe edible greens germinated from the seeds of vegetables or herbs harvested at the seedling stage without the roots. So, basically they are very, very young vegetables or herbs.

Although the are small they are PACKED with nutrients. A USDA study researched 25 different varieties of microgreens and found that, on average, microgreens contain 5 TIMES more nutrients than their mature counterparts.

Microgreens also have intense flavor, often having complex flavor profiles and a sharp taste. Pea tendrils taste like the freshest, tastiest pea you’ve ever had. Tiny radish greens pack all the spicy, tasty punch of a radish, and then some.

So now onto the next question, what to do with them. An easy and tasty way to enjoy microgreens is adding them on top of a sandwich or salad or using them as the salad greens themselves. But, these life extenders can be used in so many other ways. They taste great added to an omelet, on top of pizza, even in a dessert! So grab some microgreens at our next farm stand, and let your creativity juices flow, the possibilities are endless!


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