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Tropical plant-based beauty DIYs

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Nothing can be more confusing (and scary) than reading the ingredients label on a beauty product. We didn’t even know there could be words with so many syllables or consonants in a row!

At CoLab Farms, we’ve scoured the internet curating our favorite plant-based beauty product DIYs. For our first beauty DIY, we are embracing our South Florida heritage and bringing you our favorite tropical beauty scrubs. Check them out and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section!

Starting us off, we have a tropical sea salt and coconut oil scrub and it’s super easy. First, grab a small cup or bowl for mixing. Then just mix two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil, with one and a half teaspoons of finely ground sea salt. Mix well and then just gently apply it to dry skin, using circular motion for about a minute, and clean it off with a wet washcloth when you’re ready. So simple! Plus, the recipe can be easily doubled or tripled if you’d like to make enough to share.

Next we have a mango body scrub for sensitive skin. This one could *almost* be a smoothie but we refrained from having a taste (boy, was it tempting). It’s really simple. Cut up a mango and blend it. Mix the puree in a bowl or cup with two tablespoons of oats and one teaspoon of honey. That’s it! Use it as a scrub in the shower, or leave it on for 5-10 minutes and make a mask out of it. Then, just rinse it off!

Last we have a triple citrus salt scrub. It’s similar to the first scrub, but with a few fragrant additions. For this, there are two types of salt: three tablespoons of fine grain (think Iodized) and 5 tablespoons of a coarse salt like Kosher. Put them both in a medium-sized sealable container or jar and add a half cup of liquid coconut oil. If yours is solid, just microwave it for a bit. Then add a half teaspoon of zest of your favorite citrus fruit (we like lemons or tangerines). And top it off with 4 drops each of grapefruit and tangerine essential oils. Store at room temperature. Use on wet skin as you wash your hands or in the shower for anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes.

What are your favorite plant-based scrubs? Leave them in the comments section below and we’ll try a few out! All the talk of tropical fruits have made us hungry. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be blending ourselves up a plant-based pina colada to end the day (rum is *technically* plant-based, am I right?!).



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